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Daventry Transport Development Group

We're leading on improving Daventry's public transport connectivity.

Daventry has been without a railway station for almost 60 years. Even if it's not a new station, something has to be done.

"We will be doing everything we can in the background working with partners to lobby central government and Network Rail to make this and other opportunities a reality."
Councillor Phil Larratt
West Northamptonshire Council

We are Daventry Transport Development Group – and we’re promoting change. We are a group of local and regional stakeholders who are doing all we can to improve Daventry’s public transport connectivity, by publishing a number of options for improvement and sifting through them using Government processes.

We’re making progress, and we hope this website will help you understand how we’re taking this project forward and what you can expect in the next few years.

This project is managed by Sustainable Transport Midlands – a transport innovation group for this generation, by this generation.

Our plan for Daventry.

If we want this project to be a success, we must follow specific processes set out by the Department for Transport so we can eventually secure funding. The process we’re working through at the moment is initial stakeholder engagement and concept sifting.

This means we need to ensure all local, regional and national stakeholders are on-side and working together to develop concepts for improving the network, and eventually moving forward in the “Transport Appraisal Process”. We’ve developed a new Stakeholder Committee, who effectively owns the project, to support us in moving forward.

The Stakeholder Committee šŸš†

  • As mentioned, we have worked to create a Stakeholder Committee, with members including the Local Authority, Rail Executive, and a number of parish councils in the local area.
  • We also gained the support (but not the membership) of the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership and England’s Economic Heartland, the LEP and SNTB respectively.
  • This new Stakeholder Committee effectively owns and controls the Daventry Transport Development Group project.

The concepts for improvement.

As part of the Transport Appraisal Process set out by Central Government, we are currently working on sifting through our concepts for improving Daventry’s public transport connectivity.

From express bus routes to new railway lines, and active travel corridors to a tram route, we have come up with a variety of concepts, and we hope that at least one will be able to fit Daventry’s needs. The process now is to sift through these options and find out, with help from professionals, which one has the best case.

Why now?

A big question surrounding this project is why now? Why do we need to invest in improving Daventry’s public transport connectivity at the moment? And there are so many reasons that we should.

From the environment and climate change, to the existing population and extensive urban growth in the area, there’s countless reasons that we need to invest in improvement now.

The former Daventry District is expected to grow by…


…in the next six years, making it theĀ 5th fastest growing council area in the UK.

Environment and Climate Change šŸŒ³

81% of people in the East Midlands have a car permanently available in their household and use it often, according to the Statista Research Department. 6 billion miles were driven on Northamptonshire roads in 2017.

These figures are too high, to the point where it’s scary to think where we could be in 10, or even 20 years, perhaps. So we’ve stepped in to ensure investment is made inĀ sustainableĀ transport infrastructure in Daventry town, and the wider area in West Northamptonshire.

Daventry's location.

Daventry is located in rural West Northamptonshire, near the border with Warwickshire. It had a population of 25,000 in 2011, and was formerly governed by Daventry District Council. The nearest other major settlements are Northampton, Banbury, Leamington Spa and Rugby.

Daventry residents tend to commute to Northampton, Banbury and Rugby, or other West Northamptonshire rural areas, such as Towcester and Brackley, according to Census data from 2011.

Did you know?

Daventry’s railway station, located on the line between Weedon and Leamington Spa, closed on 15th September 1958 as part of the infamousĀ Beeching Cuts, which closed over 50 stations in Northamptonshire.

In addition to the current D1, D2, D3, D4 and 200 bus services Daventry is currently served by, it was formerly serviced by the 10 to Rugby, 12 to Rugby and Long Buckby, and 65 to Southam and Leamington Spa.

Bus D3 (Northampton – Daventry) , which operates via many West Northants villages hourly, takes around 90 minutes to complete a journey. Bus D1, the most direct available service, takes almost an hour.

Out of the 54779 Electric Vehicle charging ports in the UK, Daventry has just 22. The East Midlands as a whole has 1787, just 5.4% of those, even though the region makes up 7.35% of the UK’s 2011 population.

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