Daventry Transport Development Group

Daventry Transport Development Group

Stakeholder Committee

This project functions through significant stakeholder relations. This is what our Stakeholder Committee is for.

"The Stakeholder Committee really effectively owns the project. While Sustainable Transport Midlands manage the technical and operational side, the Stakeholder Committee choose the actions the project will take, led by a Project Executive and Principal Sponsor."
Harry Burr
Sustainable Transport Midlands

The Stakeholder Committee effectively owns Daventry Transport Development Group. It’s a sub-committee of the “Project Committee”, who’s responsibility it is to report back to the Project Manager organisation, Sustainable Transport Midlands.

The Stakeholder Committee is chaired by the Project Executive, appointed by Sustainable Transport Midlands, and co-chaired by the Principal Sponsor (in this case, West Northamptonshire Council)


  • William Barter, Independent Member
  • Harry Burr, Chief Executive, Sustainable Transport Midlands
  • Deborah Jewell, Chief Officer, Daventry Town Council
  • Phil Larratt, Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport, Highways and Waste, West Northamptonshire Council
  • Owen O’Neill, Independent Member
  • Toby Rackliff, Strategic Lead, Rail Policy, West Midlands Rail Executive
  • John Tippett, Councillor, Daventry West, Daventry Town Council
  • Fiona Thomas, Vice Chair, Weedon Bec Parish Council
  • Chris Wragg, Transport & Development Manager, West Northamptonshire Council

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