Daventry Transport Development Group

Daventry Transport Development Group

Our Concepts

The concepts for improvement.

As part of the Transport Appraisal Process set out by Central Government, we are currently working on sifting through our concepts for improving Daventry’s public transport connectivity.

From express bus routes to new railway lines, and active travel corridors to a tram route, we have come up with a variety of concepts, and we hope that at least one will be able to fit Daventry’s needs. The process now is to sift through these options and find out, with help from professionals, which one has the best case.

What are the concepts?

As we mentioned above, we have to look at all the potential options, from low to high scale budgets.

Eventually, these projects will be sifted through, and we will identify the one we think has the best chance of success. This will be supported by a Strategic Outline Business Case produced by a professional consultancy.

The Concepts 🚊

  • We produced 9 concepts for improvement, and we’ve gone into detail about each in the “Improving Daventry’s Public Transport Connectivity whitepaper.
  • Five of these are heavy-rail based, while two are light-rail based, one is active travel-based, and one is bus-based.
  • The concepts were produced by industry professionals, but will be further developed through the concept sifting process.

Long-list of concepts

Here is our full list of concepts for improving Daventry’s public transport connectivity.

Daventry Gateway

Our concept for a reimagined Long Buckby railway station, with better services, step-free access and links direct to Daventry.


Our concept for a new railway line between the West Coast Main Line at Weedon and Daventry Town, with metro-service capability.

Daventry Parkway

Our concept for a new railway station at Weedon Bec near Daventry, with brand new services and step-free access.

Daventry TramLink

Our concept for a tram route linking the core areas of central Daventry and new developments to Long Buckby station.

Express bus to Northampton

Our concept for a frequent express bus route to Northampton, providing a faster journey time to the town and the railway station.

Investing in active travel

Our concept for a number of new active travel corridors in and around Daventry, linking to Weedon Bec, Long Buckby, and more.

Northampton // Daventry

Our concept for a new railway line between Northampton and Daventry, allowing the extension of Euston or New Street services.

Northampton // Leamington

Our concept for a new railway line between Northampton and Leamington Spa via Daventry, completely reshaping the region.

Rugby // Weedon

Our concept for a new tram route between Rugby and Weedon’s West Coast Main Line, with support for tram-train services.

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