Daventry Transport Development Group

Our Concepts

Investing in active travel

Investing in active travel

Our concept for a number of new active travel corridors in and around Daventry, linking to Weedon Bec, Long Buckby, and more.

Although this may be the cheapest option of those we have proposed, it will bring the least benefit for regional journeys. Investing in active travel across West Northamptonshire would involve new pedestrian walkways and cycleways, as well as improved surfacing on existing pavements.

Active travel corridors 🚲

We would suggest basing this new active travel network around Daventry, with walking and cycling routes leading to:

  • Long Buckby Station/Village
  • Weedon Bec
  • Braunston
  • Watford Gap

E-scooter case study 🛴

In Milton Keynes, the Spin e-Scooter scheme reached over 56,000 users in six months, while navigating two national lockdowns due to COVID-19.

Spin published a report into the insights gathered for their Milton Keynes area trial. Of this survey:

  • 93% felt confident they understood parking and riding rules
  • 90% felt safe/somewhat safe when riding
  • 63% said they had used an e-Scooter in place of a solo car trip

Spin also said that the relationship with the local authority (Milton Keynes Council) has been key to the success of the trial. It’s also been vital to incentivise riding. For example, riders get 50p off their next ride if they park at an optimum location within the city – such as at Milton Keynes Central

Association with another scheme 🤝

It’s important to note that if an alternative concept for improving public transport connectivity to Daventry is selected, we would highly suggest that similar active travel measures to those proposed in this page are taken forward. It’s unlikely this option would fix Daventry’s public transport problems alone.