Daventry Transport Development Group

Our Concepts

Northampton // Leamington

Northampton // Leamington

Our concept for a new railway line between Northampton and Leamington Spa via Daventry, completely reshaping the region.

This is the most ambitious concept presented – a new rail link connecting Northampton to the Chiltern Main Line/Leamington Spa via new stations at Daventry and Southam. It largely utilises the historic route from Weedon to Marton Junction, however, towards Leamington Spa, the route goes via Southam (pop 7.3k), connecting another isolated town to the public transport network.

Regional connectivity ๐ŸŒƒ

While it is a very long term ambition, it is obliquely suggested in the EEH phase 1 study, so we feel there is merit in consideration of the concept, even if only whether the other concepts facilitate or hinder this long term ambition.

EEH: โ€œThere is potential for an additional route into the West Midlands via Leamington Spa by avoiding the Leicester area.โ€

Potential services ๐Ÿš†

This infrastructure could facilitate direct services between Northampton, Daventry, Banbury, Oxford and Reading, plus Daventry – Birmingham Moor Street/Snow Hill services connecting through Leamington Spa. In addition to being a knowledge economy centre, Oxford provides onward connections to many further destinations further South and West.

The route passes nearby a number of other existing settlements which subject to future population growth could become additional station locations:

  • Harbury +ย  Bishopโ€™s Itchington (on the Chiltern Main Line)(catchment: 7.5k)
  • Weedon Bec (catchment: 2.7k)
    • Weedon Bec is likely to grow in the next few years given its recent housing planning permission grants.

The Route ๐Ÿ“