Daventry Transport Development Group

Our Concepts



Our concept for a new railway line between the West Coast Main Line at Weedon and Daventry Town, with metro-service capability.

This concept closely shadows existing transport corridors to minimise environmental impact, while providing Daventry with a small central station. The route would be single-track electrified, similar to the route between Barnt Green and Redditch in West Midlands.

In future, provision could be made for a route connecting to south of Long Buckby, allowing trains to run into Northampton as well – a major commuting corridor in the council area.

The Route 🗺️

The below map shows a new line connecting Daventry Town station to the West Coast Main Line via the hamlet Dodford.

Where the route runs parallel to WCML, because of capacity constraints, a single additional track would be required.

Recognisable downsides ⬇️

This concept does not provide a good opportunity for a Park and Ride location serving Northampton, and it does not connect to Northampton at all in the first phase of construction, while it is the most commuted corridor from Daventry.

Intermediate stations 🚉

En-route, a station could be introduced at Dodford (a small hamlet outside of Daventry), which can serve Weedon Bec, a village of almost 3,000 as of 2011.