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Rugby // Weedon

Rugby // Weedon

Our concept for a new tram route between Rugby and Weedon’s West Coast Main Line, with support for tram-train services.

The concept sees a light-rail route between Rugby and Weedon Bec (WCML Fast), acting as a light “Daventry Loop” of sorts. This means light rail services could run between Rugby railway station and Daventry Central, as well as tram-train services between Rugby and Milton Keynes Central via Daventry Central.

As you can see, this is another proposal which benefits places outside Daventry too, including Braunston and Weedon Bec which we covered earlier. It’s likely, as this is a light-rail route, there could be additional halts within Rugby and Daventry.

This route lacks direct links to Northampton without additional line infrastructure being introduced – which would increase the potential cost of the alignment being built.

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