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Daventry TramLink

Daventry TramLink

Our concept for a tram route linking the core areas of central Daventry and new developments to Long Buckby station.

Daventry TramLink is a proposal for a new tram route serving the Daventry town centre, Daventry North East SUE, and Long Buckby railway station – offering a more sustainable route to a better railway station, and the Daventry town centre from the new North East SUE without having to introduce brand new bus services.

To the right in green is a potential tram route, with the yellow circles being 400m radius. 400m is generally regarded as the distance people will walk in an urban area to catch a bus. 800m is generally regarded as the distance people will walk to catch a train.

Central Daventry 🏙️

To be truly attractive local connectivity, a tram would need to come right into the town centre of Daventry, connecting with local buses offering a level of convenience such that you would have to be “out of your mind” to bother driving into the centre. See below.

Future developments 🏢

The current outline planning application for the Daventry North East SUE contains (as is the norm), detailed modelling of traffic flows on the roads to ensure that the road network will cope with the additional population.

As is also the current norm, it does not appear to contain any kind of modelling off the suggested level of active and public transport provision that has any prospect of delivering the required reduction in car journeys.

At the origin of the journey a tram stop needs to be conveniently located to both the homes and also the two local centres within the SUE. We have outlined a route that appears reasonably constructible and tweaked the route and location of tram stops along it to maximise the catchment area.

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